Download this file (D008-14-06-2015.pdf)LATAK-D.008-14/06.2015[ ][Accreditation procedures]
Download this file (D.009-08-07-2013.pdf)LATAK-D.009-08/07.2013[ ][Surveillance and Reassessment of the Accredited Bodies]
Download this file (D025-05-12-2013.pdf)LATAK-D.025-05/12.2013[ ][Regulations Arrangements for the design of the scope of accreditation]
Download this file (D007-09-09-2017.pdf)LATAK-D.007-09/09.2017[ ][Proficiency testing in Latvian National accreditation system]
Download this file (D-034 06 10 2017.pdf)LATAK-D.034-06/10.2017[ ][Policy on the Traceability of Measurement Results]

 Application forms and lists of required documents you could ask from LATAK Lead Assessors – find hear


mandatory requirements for conformity assessment bodies

Conformity assessment bodies shall apply also respective mandatory documents of the EA, ILAC and IAF. List of LATAK mandatory documents is described in LATAK D.030. EA, IAF and ILAC documents are listed in EA-INF/01 (see

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