The EA Multilateral Agreement (MLA), signed so far by 34 (out of 36) EA Full Members and half of 14 EA Associate Members, carried on growing and being refined during 2017.

The landmark in this strengthening is certainly twofold. First, EA launched its MLA for Proficiency Testing Providers (PTP) in 2017, when no less than 15 EA-Member national accreditation bodies (NABs) became signatories of the EA MLA for PTP accreditation against EN ISO/IEC 17043. Secondly, EA has been paving the way for expanding the scope of the EA MLA for Reference Materials Producers (RMP), which should be launched in April 2019. Meanwhile, harmonisation of practical issues related to peer evaluations supporting the launch of the EA MLA for RMP accreditation against EN ISO 17034 has been fostered in order for the first peer evaluations to be carried out in 2018. (..)

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