LATAK funding consists of own revenue from the provided paid services and a share of state budget grant, which is granted within the state budget programs:

  • 26.00.00 Provision of fair competition, protection of internal market and consumers’ rights
  • 26.04.00 Conformity assessment and quality assurance. 

The order of LATAK funding is as follows:

  • funded from the assets of state budget:
    • provision (partial) of Latvian National Accreditation Bureau functions,
    • Membership fee in the international accreditation organization;
  • all expenditures related to assessment of conformity  assessment bodies, accreditation and surveillance are covered by the accredited body in the order set forth in normative enactments.

Financial plan of LATAK is drafted for each coming year.


Annual financial reports:

Annual report 2010

Annual report 2011

Annual report 2012

Annual report 2013

Annual report 2014

Annual report 2015

Annual report 2016

Annual report 2017, 2018  in Latvian you could find here - Pārskati

Annual report 2019. - 2020

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