If you need to submit a complaint about the activities of LATAK or the conformity assessment institution, or you are considering the possibility of appealing the decisions made by LATAK in connection with the accreditation of the conformity assessment institution, you can submit it in writing, electronically, or verbally. An oral submission, if necessary, is completed in writing in the presence of a private person, and a copy is issued to the applicant at the office of the state agency "Latvijas National Accreditation Bureau" at Brīvības Street 55, Riga, LV-1010.

Complaint handling procedure

The complaint is examined, and an answer is provided:

  • not later than within one month from the receipt of the application.
  • in cases where the complaint partially or fully does not meet the competence of LATAK, the applicant is informed about it and, if possible, the competent institution is indicated.
  • if it is not possible to give an answer within one month due to objective reasons, the applicant is informed about it.

Procedures for submitting and considering appeals

  • An appeal can be submitted in cases where there are justified claims regarding the decision taken by LATAK after the accreditation procedure has been carried out in the conformity assessment institution.
  • The decision of the accreditation commission can be disbursed within one month from the date of its entry into force, but if there is no indication in it where and within what time frame it can be contested, it can be disbursed within one year from the date of its entry into force.
  • The decisions of the accreditation commission are reviewed by the appeals commission established by the director of LATAK. Contestation: the appeal is considered within one month. If the applicant is not satisfied with the result of the appeal examination or decision made, the applicant has the right to appeal the decision of the appeal commission through court.
  • It is possible to appeal the decision of the appeal commission in the Administrative District Court within one month from the date of entry into force of this decision.

Complaints and appeals channels

  • E-mail address: pasts@latak.gov.lv for documents with a secure electronic signature (the size of the electronic mail to be sent must not exceed 30 megabytes (MB). In the event that the electronic document exceeds the specified size, please contact LATAK to make an agreement for another form of document submission (+371 67373051).
    Complaints or appeals can be submitted to LATAK using the email address (more about the email address at http://mana.latvija.lv/e-adrese/)
    By mail - by sending a letter to the state agency "National Accreditation Bureau of Latvia" Brīvības iela 55, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia.


If necessary, a complaint or appeal can be submitted in person at the LATAK office at Brīvības Street 55, Riga, LV-1010, however, please consider other submission channels, reminding you of safety and care for those around you. If you have decided to give in person, please register your visit in advance by calling +371 67373051 or by agreeing on the possible date and time of the reception via e-mail pasts@latak.gov.lv

More about LATAK's processes for submitting, examining, responding to complaints and appeals, etc. is in document D.008 "Accreditation Procedures."