Accredited tests and calibrations guarantee accurate and reliable results for a defined set of tests, and ensure that calibrations are carried out in a reliable, competent, consistent and impartial manner and to the correct degree of accuracy.

Accreditation of a testing laboratory means:

  • validity and appropriateness of test methods;
  • suitability and maintenance of test equipment;
  • proper sampling, handling and transportation of test items;
  • quality control and assurance of test data.

Accreditation of a calibration laboratory means:

  • metrological traceability of calibration results;
  • traceability of operations and recordings;
  • measurements are performed according to validated procedures;
  • reliability of standards and measurement instruments.

Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 also means that the laboratory meets the management system principles of ISO 9001.

Conformity assessment bodies shall apply also respective mandatory documents of the EA, ILAC and IAF. List of LATAK mandatory documents is described in LATAK D.008. EA, IAF and ILAC documents are listed in EA-INF/01 (see