A product (e.g. a low energy bulb), a service (e.g. passenger transport) or a process (i.e. organic farming, traceability of timber origins) can be subject to certification.

Product certification aims to the statement by the producer that the product (or process or service) conforms to the relevant requirements. It is not the task of the certification body to declare the conformity of the product, but to attest the trueness of the conformity to the applicable requirements claimed by the producer.

Accredited product certification gives evidence of the independence between the certification body and the manufacturer, and provides presumption of conformity with the applicable legal requirements.

The accredited certificate for the product shall bear the detailed reference to the technical standard or technical specifications which the product is certified in conformity with.

Conformity assessment bodies shall apply also respective mandatory documents of the EA, ILAC and IAF. List of LATAK mandatory documents is described in LATAK D.008. EA, IAF and ILAC documents are listed in EA-INF/01 (see http://www.european-accreditation.org/publications)