LATAK informs conformity assessment bodies, that according to the New Legislative Framework of the European Union, new technical harmonisation directives were adopted in February 2014, which were published in the Official Journal of the European Union in March 2014. Application of requirements of these new directives starts in April 2016.

After becoming acquainted with the information available on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers and on the website, the Ministry of Economics has announced draft regulatory enactments, which would introduce technical harmonisation directives concerning requirements in the national legal system for simple pressure vessels, electric appliances (incl. electromagnetic compatibility), lifts and lift safety components, equipment and protection systems, which are intended for using in explosive environment, for pressure equipment, measuring instruments and non-automatic scales.

According to the publicly available information, the planned changes to the regulatory framework are still in the process of coordination and the draft laws and their annotations developed by the Ministry of Economics are to be coordinated with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finances, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health, State Chancellery and the Employers' Confederation of Latvia. Currently, there is no information available on whether the draft laws developed by the Ministry of Economics are coordinated and submitted to the State Chancellery.

LATAK has commenced assessment of amended European Commission Directives, other binding documents of the European Commission and draft regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, and implements preparatory measures to timely acquire the new requirements established in laws.

Taking into consideration, that there are three months left for integration of requirements of technical harmonisation directives in the national legal system (until 20 April 2016), and not to influence reassessment, accreditation and notification of notified bodies, LATAK starts accepting of applications and documentation of conformity assessment bodies. We also want to inform, that conformity assessment bodies will be assessed pursuant to requirements of the European Commission directives and publicly available draft laws through which it is planned to integrate the requirements of technical harmonisation directives in the national legal system. At the same time, we indicate, that adoption of accreditation decisions will be possible only after the Cabinet of Ministers will approve draft laws developed by the Ministry of Economics. If any changes will be made to the approved laws (concerning publicly available draft laws), it will be decided about the necessity to request additional certifications from conformity assessment bodies.

We inform, that according to requirements of the new technical harmonisation directives, 24 conformity assessment bodies operate in Latvia, which have to be reassessed by LATAK, and that reassessment and repeated notification of conformity assessment bodies in NANDO-IS database should take place until 20 April 2016. Please, treat with understanding the condition, that reassessment of all conformity assessment bodies depends not only on LATAK work plan and availability of resources (for example, technical experts), but also on the engagement of conformity assessment bodies, including how timely a conformity assessment body submits to LATAK an accreditation application and documents required for assessment, and how timely an assessment body can eliminate detected non-conformities (if any); therefore, for LATAK to be able to ensure timely and efficient reassessment of conformity assessment bodies according to requirements of the new technical harmonisation directives, please submit your applications for scope extension (reassessment) until 1 February 2016.


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