The policy aimed at ensuring integrity, impartiality and confidentiality of the State Agency “Latvian National Accreditation Bureau”, as well as ensuring prevention of conflicts of interest and implementation of anti-corruption measures

S/A Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (hereinafter in the text – LATAK) provides unified conformity assessment system for laboratories, certification, inspection bodies and environment verifiers, the results of which are internationally recognized, conform to the needs of Latvian national economy and provide the possibility to verify conformity of products produced and services provided by Latvian merchants to European and international standards. LATAK provides its services in other countries as well, in line with the concluded cooperation contracts and agreements.

LATAK maintains and improves the quality management system of the Bureau in accordance with requirements of the standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17011:2017, following the principles of the standard LVS EN ISO 9001, and EA recommendations and decisions, and ensures that it is understood and implemented throughout all activities of the accreditation system. LATAK safeguards the impartiality in it operation as an accreditation body. This is achieved with organizational structure, involvement of balanced representatives of interested parties in operation of Latvian National accreditation council and technical committees, competence and impartiality of persons involved in accreditation processes, good management principles. Assessment of EMAS verifiers is constructed in accordance with the Regulation of European Commission 1221/2009. Assessment of laboratories in the area of Good Laboratory Practice is conducted in accordance with Regulations of Cabinet of Ministers, the Directive 2004/9/EK and OECD principles.

LATAK assesses, accredits and supervises conformity of laboratories, certification and inspection bodies to standards LVS EN ISO 17000 series, conformity of medicine laboratories to the standard LVS EN ISO 15189, conformity of GHG verifiers to the standard LVS EN ISO 14065 and requirements of the EC Regulation 600/2012, requirements stipulated by normative enactments of Republic of Latvia, normative enactments of the European Community in accordance with EA, IAF, ILAC, FALB and OECD guidelines and decisions in the regulated and non-regulated areas. Accreditation services are available to all conformity assessment bodies without any discrimination. Duty of the involved persons is to inform LATAK management concerning identified conflict of interests.

For implementation of its policy LATAK undertakes the following measures:

· facilitates international recognition of results of the bodies accredited in the Latvian National Accreditation System, thus diminishing the technical barriers on trade;

· meets customer expectations that accreditation will improve the quality system, technical competence, quality of due tasks of such bodies and will increase reliability to conformity assessment results they issue in Latvia and on international level;

· performs assessment and accreditation on a non-discriminatory basis, without undue influence, objectively and in a fair manner;

· provides the customers with the possibility to receive the necessary information on assessment procedures;

· cooperates with accreditation bodies from other countries;

· independently improves work of the LATAK by using comprehensive information;

· constantly improves competence of the LATAK employees, assessors and experts;

· constantly improves working conditions of the LATAK employees, assessors and experts;

· harmonizes requirements and accreditation procedures by participating in activities of EA and other international accreditation organizations and bodies.


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