Confidence, impartiality, competence, passport of trust, etc. Many words could be used to summarize the value of accreditation but… have you ever tried to explain, in simple terms, your job to your partner, friends or parents? And faced incomprehension?

When you’re not from the accreditation world, accreditation can seem complicated to understand and a bit away from our fellow citizens’ everyday needs. “When I joined EA, I read many documents and reports, without understanding so much of the subject. It took me several months to apprehend the importance of accreditation. And I’m still learning one year after” declared Amandine Combe, EA Communications and Marketing Manager.

In EA, we strongly believe that the end-users – regulators, industry, consumers – should be able to understand the role of accreditation and its benefits.

Thanks to EA, accreditations, and certifications are harmonized within Europe, and consumers can access safer and better products and services, from food to toys, from electrical appliances to cars.

Of course, we accept that this video might look not precise enough to accreditation and certification specialists, but it’s sometimes better to simplify the message and be understood by everyone, especially on technical topics.


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